The Ideological Kool-Aid Wars

The political and social climate in America is tense.   People fueled by the empowerment of hate and rage against one another.   Righteous indignation fills the airwaves and social media feeds.  A feelgood cacophony of screeching, groaning and venomous words meant hurt and signal in-group preference.  The preachers of tolerance push the divide, as a once hopeful Nation and beacon of light dims into darkness.  The intent is realized through the outcome of their actions; chaos, intimidation, violence and worse.  No space to be heard, for reason, or empathy in the ideological Kool-aid wars.

Intelligence is on a spectrum.  On the lower end there is a struggle to maintain and understand a singular concept, on the higher end is the ability to comprehend multiple concepts, complexity, nuance and make connections to develop a full dynamic picture.  2 dimensional black and white vs. muti-dimensional technicolor.  One is easy, the other is hard and takes work.  Many choose the former though they may be capable of the latter.  Contemplation and rigorous thinking is difficult, draining, and rarely results immediate gratification of narcissistic desire.  Why do it?  It is so much easier to follow the followers and identify with an in-group that will instantaneously cheer any crass expression of allegiance.  A perpetual feedback loop circling the drain.  The noted loss of the ability to critically think and a culture that prioritizes feelings no longer can effectively problem solve.   The culturally enabled and indulged unintelligent actions of the masses have assuredly pushed society beyond the point of decentralized solutions.

Tyranny is the name of the game the unwitting players are playing.  It is not about which side is right or wrong, it is a divide and conquer strategy, created by those who seek control.  Unified masses are powerful, even more than they realize, but divided they fall with the breeze.  The intention of the game will only be clear in the outcome… nobody wins.

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