Privileged Debt Slaves

The stock market marches ever higher, doubling in the last four years, it can not do anything but. Nobody pays attention to central banking, banking and finance; so the robbery happens in broad daylight. Debt and balance sheets are exploding and about to go nuclear. This “cheap” credit (debt) has destroyed true price discovery, the whole reason markets exist, and turned many markets into a casino where the house always wins, and the losers finance with interest. Those closest to the Federal Reserve’s Discount Window get money at below inflation rates, it’s better than free, so they buy real things with it – equity, commodities, land, and resources. They get money for nothing and buy real stuff with it. The common person gets debt at 4-18% interest to buy the essentials and stuff. We also get taxed, our national debt is mortgaging our future for today, children’s servitude and poverty is the payment.

Most institutions are corrupted by debt or Ponzi-style schemes. This means those at the top get more, while those at the bottom get screwed! This is playing out between the 99% and the 1%, and also generationally, Boomers versus Gen Z. Gen Z may never own anything; everything as a service. This means that large corporations and government will own nearly everything. Our humanity is being farmed for tax, debt, and consumption. This is a “don’t mind the man behind the curtain” scenario. The politicians with power are in on it, part of the heist; they have us squabbling over relatively stupid sh*t!

Politicians and bureaucrats will supplicate the masses by distributing the left-over crumbs while they delight in power and excess. The centers of banking, multinational corporations, global organizations, and state actors have combined to create something very powerful and other.

Now Modern Monetary Theory is on the way. It is basically constantly creating Trillions in new dollars injecting it primarily into the banking sector and refinancing the debt forever; hoping interest rates never go up. This is supposed to be the answer, a magical money making tree gone high tech and digital. It is also a way to buy stuff with paper currency that is essentially trash. How this can do anything but cause a significant inflation event and death to the US Dollar as the dominate trade currency is beyond me. At that point all of our privilege goes away!

There is no back-up plan to the magical money making tree!

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