Useful Idiots of Decadence

We accept the reality in which we are presented. This a powerful statement about the subjective nature of our existence. We are an amalgam of our experiences. The human mind without guidance, boundaries and purpose is easily misled into delusion. That is to say, delusion becomes reality.

Religion, for most, reminds us not to be assholes. A civilization that does not foster higher ideals and appreciations is trash. Parenting and family structures that result in childhood/adult trauma are little more than a narcissitic vocation. The West is now in terminal decline, but many living within the societies believe the turn towards secularization and hyper-politicization will create a more equal and abundant future. This is faulty thinking.

The future will be more equal for the 99%, but it will not be more equitable. The concertation of wealth and power at the top is in hyper-drive. With few understanding how the current economic paradigm is corrupting and polluting everything else, a tipping point in consciousness is not yet in sight. The goal for those who operate the strings, those who create popular delusions and actively work to tear the fabric of society, is the same as it ever was… wealth and power concentration. Within the matter of years, I suspect less than 1000 corporations and banks will own everything globally. Their wealth and influence, supported and protected by state actors (true facisim), is who Antifa and BLM are being “useful idiots”. These are not free thinking, or empathetic progressive movements, they are a result. These are the adult children of a decadent society who are traumatized by the very things they are fighting for. Misery loves company, and studies show that both victim and virtue signalers score high on traits of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. These result from early childhood trauma and/or neglect; the same poor parenting they advocate for. These traits, thought to be the embodiment of evil on the physical plane by M. Scott Peck, are normalized and even revered.

Cultivating awareness is the first step. Being a propagandized idiot and an asshole full of rage as result of gorging on mental junk food is not liberation and certainly not resistance. It is being an angry SOB and using your politics to inflict pain on others. This is the opposite of enlightened or caring. Voting Democrat does not absolve you of your sins. This commonplace transference is a cover up for many of the most insidious within society. All of the psychopaths and abusers I have known are proudly Democrats. After all, folks with Cluster B personality disorders always feel that they know better and they are above the rules (notice how the Right is held to much higher standards than the left). Without first developing awareness within oneself there is no next step to a more just world… instead it becomes a secularized religion with the priests being high paid, smart PR firms shaping the narratives on behalf of clients who probably do not have your best interests in mind.

Note: a 30 year old, hopped up on Sex and the City or Boss Babe dreams, with limited life experience reporting for the mainstream (NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, FOX) is not an expert. The doctor, scientist, sociologist and other subject matter experts in their fields who operate blogs or contribute to other publications are the better resource for developing greater awareness and can get us closer to the objective truth. I know bias feels good, but that is really is our baser, primitive emotions getting the better of us.

Special note: Those on the left need to stop willing evil into existence and preying on the weak to prove their collective psychotic thinking (KKK, Nazis etc., you are projecting and baiting evil in other weak individuals). Rednecks, white trash are not the problem, annoying yes, but the actual problem is different altogether. Stop it!

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