Social Justice is not about Feelings

I am a fan of evolution.  Observing an organism adapt and change to best ensure its survival is remarkable.  The complexity of human evolution is particularly interesting, because it is a story of cooperation and intellectual achievement.  Humans have been so successful that concentrating on mere survival and propagation of the species is barely a concern.  In fact, we regularly engage in activities and behaviors counter to this biological imperative.  Recent advancements, largely made possible by cheap fossil fuels and byproducts, have propelled a population boom and decadent lifestyles.  No longer do we organize around survival and child rearing, but narcissistic pursuits and concepts of love and esteem.   These are indeed strange and novel, and may prove ultimately to be maladaptive.  All of this ease, luxury and abundance has freed up time to think about our feelings.

Feelings and self esteem dominate popular culture.  While we have the ability to create a happy and healthy society that encourages children to fulfill their potential – a true gift, we instead have chosen to indulge our most base desires.   We have shifted our focus from family, community and a higher power -to- self seeking through external stimuli and people.  We have allowed the world to define us, instead of us defining it, becoming little more than what our social media profiles say about us.  We look to our jobs (most of which suck), stuff, and people (most of whom don’t care about us) to define us.  We have given up meaningful relationships and submission to something higher than ourselves and replaced these with self help, miracle drugs, or the latest fittest craze (with complementary clothing) to fill the void.  When none of this works, we look to blame others for our unhappiness or escape in work, sex and drugs.  Instead of actively building upon ancient knowledge and prior human achievement, we are deconstructing these in the name of progress, whining about how our feelings are so important. WTF!  We are literally at a point where we could create healthy sustainable communities across the globe, but instead we are being forced to think about people’s feelings.  Humans did not become so successful by constantly talking about feelings; they organized to ensure survival and created culture to reinforce and improve community, family, and virtuous behavior.

Fuck your feelings!  We have serious work to do, and your feelings are not more important.  As they say, “if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.”  It is pretty simple, behaviors and actions that strengthen community and help children realize their potential are good, and those that run counter to this are bad.  We have a wealth of knowledge to identify what encourages these and the technological ability to achieve it, but feelings are getting in the way.  The essence of social justice is to identify what advantages and environments promote healthy children to fulfill their potential and encourage these…  It is not about your feelings!

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