Publicly Sanctioned Hate (musing)

The hate is palpable, but unlike the perceived hate it stands in opposition to, this hate is righteous. This is feel good hate, it’s a thrill, to be worn like a fashion, and its hook is as trendy as a Taylor Swift song. It is publicly sanctioned, media sponsored and politically correct. A virtue to signal and to be seen hanging around with, it’s cool. It is publicly traded and algorithmically supported. It’s a seething cauldron of noxious rage spewing from the preachers of tolerance. It condemns opposing opinions, imposing a cost to those who try and express them. Hate manufactured by shadowy figures and talking heads creating viral emotions. It is a world of hyperbole and hypocrisy, where everything is extreme and poorly understood. A new era where the lovers hate with vigor, those for peace create war, the tolerant do the condemning, freedom fighters are fascists, victims are bullies, and the socialists benefit wealthy. It is an anti-intellectual, post-truth age guided by emotions, fake news, revisionist history, propaganda, and rage induced social media feeds. These are signs of a culture in rapid decline, and a civilization that once strove for enlightenment in its final throes. The best and brightest, scientists and philosophers cannot save us, for the truth is… the truth is ostracized.

I guess in other words, “haters’ gonna hate.”

The 21st century plague is virus of the mind spreading through light speed interconnectedness, spawning a new age of darkness. Power up your force field, inoculate your soul, and work to preserve knowledge, culture and values. When we emerge; the world will need monks and warriors.

Monastic Warriors wanted, apply within.

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