Following the Followers is the New Rebellious

Americans and Western civilization are suffering.  We live in a time of abundance that is void of purpose and meaning.  Once cherished values and institutions that supported community, family and spirituality are long past the point of creation, instead are assaulted and deconstructed.  A human life is worth little more than its ability to consume, debt, and menial function.  Semi-intelligent creatures becoming dumber by the day, have traded in aspirations of beauty, cooperation and social capital for kitsch, conformity and navel gazing.  We pat ourselves on the backs for our progressive goodness, hastening in world-wide misery for the groaning masses.

Objective truth seeking has been replaced by subjective relativism and preferences; nothing is sacred.  All collective wisdom gained by hard lessons and toil over the centuries is discounted as ignorance, though we have lost our ability to think, we are convinced we know better.  Propaganda, PR, marketing and media manipulation are the modern day gurus drowning us in Kool-aid to quench an insatiable thirst.  Envy, violence, lust and hate are the virtues they preach; and these are dutifully performed and consumed on 6 inch screens.   Many talk about love, but it is just an affectation.    The light is dimming and the age is turning dark, a mere two minutes from midnight.  We know not what we do and forgiveness is not assured, yet we waddle on corralled by hucksters promising utopia but delivering Gomorrah.

Unhappiness is the current and it is circling the drain.   The only thing expanding faster than our waistlines is escapism through augmented reality, drink, drugs, violence and desire.   Dutiful citizens following the followers believing their brand is unique never questioning why.  Tongues dripping with language so corrupted that words haven taken on the opposite meaning (woke = bought into propaganda, unthinking, asleep, conformity).  We arrived 33 years late to usher in the “brave new world” but we are making up for lost time.

Stay tuned… up next.  Economic system failure and war brought you by the leaders of the followers who follow the followers.  Fortunately they will be there to save us and offer up something new and improved all for no money down and mere servitude for life.

Just plug-in, consume and drop out…  I mean stay “woke”.

Update: It is important to note that a lot of narcissistic personality disordered people carrying shame, try to fit in.  It is not uncommon for them to be wannabes of wannabes.  They cannot even see authenticity.

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