Evil Charms

People are attracted to evil.  Despite the seeming want for good, there is something within humanity that is allured by the false promises offered by those with dubious intent.  Napoleon once said, “Leaders are dealers of hope.”  Evil ingratiates its self with charming rhetoric, empty promises that inspire feelings of empowerment and fill others with hope.  Evil exists because it lacks a conscience and has an insatiable lust for power.  It serves nothing or no one but its self.   History is littered with examples; those who followed Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Hitler and countless others, did not recognize evil, but felt inspired and empowered.  They did not recognize the lies, manipulations and the darkness dripping from the tongue and emanating from their being.  Instead saw hope of progressive change and ideas of betterment.

There is something exciting and enticing about evil that is not found in good.  It’s like the common cliché that women are attracted to “bad boys”; indeed a recent study indicates the men with criminal records report a significantly greater number of sexual partners.  Evil is bound by nothing; no morality, guilt or conscience – the source of its power.  It will never announce it self, and usually is only recognized in retrospect, if ever. Instead, those bound by what we call humanity will be whisked away by its confident and scintillating charm.  Even with promises unfulfilled, followers continue to yearn for its presence and are drawn closer in hope that salvation is just beyond the horizon, the next time it will be different.

It is my feeling that people drawn into darkness will sooner crucify a good person, than recognize an evil one.  Perhaps it is the shame we carry within, or a sinful nature, but evil speaks directly to shadowy parts of ourselves with approval.  Evil promises wish fulfillment but delivers destruction.

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