None conforming thought

Compliance Culture

January 22, 2021 Christian X 0

First we had politically correct that policed speech, followed by cancel culture that sought to eliminate speech, we are now entering Compliance Culture where speech will be punished.

The Mindfuck Continues

January 15, 2021 Christian X 0

There has been more than a century of research and experimentation into effective propaganda delivery (Public Relations), behavioral research, social media manipulation, and, yes, even […]

The Evil who Walk Among Us

November 17, 2017 Christian X 0

Thankfully most people have a reasonably healthy conscience and are able to effectively self govern themselves while doing minimal harm to others.  Conversely there is […]

Future History

January 4, 2017 Christian X 0

People often believe that history is something that is distant and removed from their day to day lives.  That what happened in the past has […]

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