Race-baiting and War

July 29, 2016 admin 0

A number of years ago I woke up one morning with some perspective.  It dawned on me that the things I grew up thinking were […]

Psychology of Disgust

July 28, 2016 admin 0

Disgust – (n) a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.  (v) cause (someone) to feel revulsion or profound disapproval. We […]

Idiocracy 2016

July 18, 2016 admin 0

The Republican National Convention is this week, and as the “summer of chaos” continues I am curious to see what level of intelligence will be […]

A Case for Shame

July 6, 2016 admin 0

Shame is a painful emotion that assists in self regulating our behavior.  Shame is felt most often when we fail to meet our own standards. […]